What can you do to reduce your personal emissions?

YOU can help in fighting global warming and climate change. Here are some of the steps that YOU can take to reduce your carbon emissions:

  1. Turn off your appliances when not in use.
  2. Use less electricity (for air conditioning, lighting, heating) as much as you can. 
  3. Use more efficient appliances.
  4. Drive less. Commute, carpool or bike whenever you can.
  5. Walk short distances instead of driving. Similarly, use the stairs instead of elevator whenever possible.
    Makati CBD underpass
    Walking through one of the underpass underneath Makati's CBD. © Jayo Santiago, flickr
  6. If you have a vehicle, regularly maintain it to keep it more efficient. Also, keep your tires at the proper air pressure.
  7. Plant trees.
    Tree planting mangrove
    Trees for the Future country partner TREES planting Mangrove trees at the foothills of the Zambales region in Philippines. © Trees ForTheFuture, flickr
  8. Install a renewable energy system (e.g. solar PV) at your home or office to offset electricity use from the grid.
  9. Use less materials. Reduce, reuse and recycle.
  10. Eat more plants and less meat.
  11. Reduce your waste. Compost your organic waste if possible.
    Compost organic waste
    Composting Organic Waste. © Climate Smart Missoula, flickr
  12. Reduce water use.
  13. Support companies that are environmentally responsible.
  14. Encourage others to do their part.