Climate Reports

The Climate Change Commission (CCC), created by virtue of the Climate Change Act, as amended, is the lead climate policy-making body of the Philippine government, tasked to coordinate, monitor and evaluate the programs and action plans of the government to ensure mainstreaming of climate change at the national, sectoral, and subnational levels. In creating an enabling environment towards a climate-resilient and climate-smart Philippines, the CCC crafts, implements, and tracks frameworks, plans, and programs to strengthen institutional capacities, facilitate convergence, ensure inclusivity, and access resources to address climate change. The CCC also develops and implements mechanisms for regular monitoring, evaluation, and reporting of climate change plans and programs and oversee the dissemination of information on climate change, local vulnerabilities and risks, relevant laws and protocols and adaptation and mitigation measures, among others.

This module contains the various reports produced by, commissioned, and developed through partnerships with the CCC, as well as fundamental international reports and studies prepared by international scientific bodies and organizations. Specific reports on and status of greenhouse inventories, gender and climate change, and national climate change frameworks and plans are available in the rest of the modules of the NICCDIES.

This module consists of three sections:

State of Philippine Climate, Action, and Support contains key references on the physical science of climate change in the Philippines, and the programs of the Philippine government to address climate change.

Philippine Reports to the UNFCCC and International Bodies contains the various reports being prepared by the Philippine government as a Party to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), including references to guidelines and frameworks for reporting.

IPCC and International Climate Reports contains key references on the scientific evidence and assessments on climate change as prepared by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and other international scientific institutions.